Anger Management Counselling in Dublin

Perhaps no feeling is more hidden in families than anger. Secret anger can be a block to intimacy in marriage and to building a solid sense of self. When we cant express our anger, it may come out as an eating disorder, sexual disorder or substance abuse disorder. Unexpressed anger can be the root cause of severe headaches and back aches and many other psychosomatic disorders. Some families may have the unspoken don’t feel rule or the spoken don’t feel anger rule. When anger is repressed, joy and the full expression of all the other emotions is also repressed.

When the past is revisited and the unexpressed anger is expressed and worked through it can lead to a sense of relief and a new way at looking at the past. In anger management counselling in Milestone therapy we can work with you to not only develop new ways of behaving and thinking but to lighten the heavy burden of anger that some may carry.

Anger Management Counselling in Dublin 4

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