Counselling Service for Stress Management in Dublin 4

Having the knowledge to handle our emotional states is crucial to our overall well-being.

We all can have different levels of stress of life which can include work stress, money stress, parenting stress, relationship stress and social stress. We may decline meet ups with friends due to work related stress or not have enough income to pay bills or mortgages due to changes in circumstances. The arrival of a new baby may bring parenting stress or a change in a child’s health may alter your emotional state. The many stressors life can bring may act as a trigger for some new ways of coping such as increased alcohol use or over the counter medication that may be mood altering. These may numb the stress but only for a short period of time bringing about increased anxiety and more challenging thinking patterns. Some changes in your overall well being may become obvious in areas such as

Mental -Concentration difficulties – Money problems – Indecision – Low self esteem

Emotional – Feelings of anxiety – Feeling depressed – Feelings of sadness – Restless – Irritable – Discontent – Angry – Drained

Physical – Sleep difficulties – Constant tiredness – Back/chest/shoulder pain – Headaches – Depleted Immune system

Behaviour – Increased alcohol or substance abuse – Outbursts of rage – Relationship difficulties – Sexual problems – Isolation – Decreased eating or over eating

These are some examples of the different areas of stress that can be examined in counselling and changes made to increase your overall functioning.

When we address stress in counselling we do so by identifying ways of changing current thinking and behavioural patterns which in turn changes feelings and physiology.

If the particular stressor cannot be change then you must change. If the stressor is relationship based and your thoughts are based around changing the other person then this may never happen as we can only control our own behaviour. This is some insight into stress and how changing thoughts or behaviours can change feelings and physical sensations. Counselling in Milestone Therapy can help you address your stressors and improve many different areas of your life.

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