CBT Milestone Therapy

We can look at our mistakes in two different ways and it can quite often depend on the mindset we are currently in. We can be critical of our mistakes or we can criticize ourselves for our mistakes. If you focus on the mistake you can learn from the experience. If you criticize yourself for a mistake it can lead to a negative self image and fear of trying new things. If you criticize yourself as a person and not the mistake the focus becomes you which can be draining emotionally. This can lead to a spiral of negative thoughts which then influences how you feel and how you then act. Some examples of thoughts in this negative spiral may be – I’m a failure, I’m never going to make it, Things will never get better for me. These are self defeating thoughts and thoughts that will hold you back from growing. In life we will encounter setbacks and failures but the important thing is how we choose to think about it. This is an example of some of the methods of CBT used in Milestone Therapy to help people achieve their goals and move forward in their life.

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