CBT Milestone Therapy

We can look at our mistakes in two different ways and it can quite often depend on the mindset we are currently in. We can be critical of our mistakes or we can criticize ourselves for our mistakes. If you focus on the mistake you can learn from the experience. If you criticize yourself for[…]

Treating Anxiety

Anxiety impacts the lives of many people in our modern world. The thinking patterns attached to anxiety disorders such as panic attacks can become obsessive and the physical symptoms can seem life threatening. When the symptoms are experienced there can be a struggle to try gain control over them with different types of behaviours from[…]

Death Anxiety

The awareness of death can both positive and negative influences on people. When someone has death anxiety they have an increased awareness around death and know that each day they are getting closer to death. There can be two ways to cope with the first shifting focus on something or someone else and not coping[…]