Death Anxiety

The awareness of death can both positive and negative influences on people. When someone has death anxiety they have an increased awareness around death and know that each day they are getting closer to death. There can be two ways to cope with the first shifting focus on something or someone else and not coping with the anxiety. The second kind of death anxiety can be used as a platform for growth as the person uses the awareness to grow in different ways such as career or personal relationships. Call today for bereavement counselling in Dublin 4. 

Death anxiety is the price we pay for self awareness; the shadow from which we cannot be separated. We cannot live frozen in fear, so we turn to our children, to wealth, or to a belief in a higher power to soften death’s terror. But in spite of the staunchest of our defences, death anxiety is never completely subdued: it is always there, lurking in the hidden ravines of our minds. Irvin Yalom


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